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Kinedyne Winch Bar 37030

SKU: 37030
Price: $46.26
If you're looking for the right winch bar to complete your tie down assembly, then Kinedyne's Standard Winch Bar is one that'll exceed your expectations. At Kinedyne, safety is their priority, so they've engineered their winch bar with a knurled slip-resistant and comfortable handle to make your cargo securement job easier and more efficient. With this design, you'll be able to quickly and easily switch between winches to get the job done.

In order to enhance this powerful combination of strength, security, and safety, Kinedyne has also designed this heat-treated carbon steel Standard Winch Bar with a tapered, carbon steel mushroom nose tip that prevents the bar from slipping out of the winch when you're busy tightening down your important cargo using our industrial strength webbing and durable winch.

Kinedyne's Standard Winch Bar remains efficient and easier to use in many different types of weather, but when tensioning or releasing the winch tie down in rain, ice, or snow, be sure to properly position your feet and body to prevent slipping. Maintain a firm grip on the winch bar and never release it without checking the pawl to ensure it is fully and properly engaged between the ratchet teeth. It's better to be cautious than to be careless.

• Length: 35.25 Inches
• Diameter: 1.315 Inches
• Weight: 5.47 Lbs. / 2.5 Kgs.
• Color: Black
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