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Kinedyne 4in Weld-On Winch 1820

SKU: 1820
Price: $74.68

Kinedyne's Standard Weld-On Winch is an essential component for the ideal cargo securement assembly. With a working load limit of 6,670 Lbs. / 3,000 Kgs., this heat-treated carbon steel winch can easily and efficiently secure nearly any kind of load while giving you complete control over the tensioning. Take it from the Cargo Control People, they know how to help you control your cargo.

This Standard Winch is for bottom mounting only. Once you've welded Kinedyne's Standard Weld-On Winch to your trailer, go ahead and slip your winch strap through the slot and use one of their sturdy winch bars to operate the winch. You'll see just how smoothly this Kinedyne winch makes the winch straps tightly grip your valuable cargo for optimal security.

With a storage capacity of about 20 feet, Kinedyne's powder coat painted Standard Weld-On Winch can be used with up to 4 inches of any of Kinedyne's Winch Straps for a powerful combination of strength, security, and durability. This winch is also designed with our extended thumb pawl, which offers easier access to operating the lock that holds the webbing in place.

All winches are designed to meet the requirements of the DOT, CHP, Canadian 905, North American Cargo Securement, and WSTDA regulations and standards. The manufactured date, country of origin, and working load limit are stamped on the winch's frame in accordance to North American Regulations. All of our winches are produced as right-hand models.

• Working Load Limit: 6,670 Lbs. / 3,000 Kgs.
• Height: 5.51 Inches
• Width: 3.54 Inches
• Length: 7.82 Inches
• Weight: 7.80 Lbs. / 3.5 Kgs.
• Storage Capacity (Webbing Length): 20 Feet Approximately

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