Counteract Airless Injection Bottle BB-BOTTLE

Price: $9.56
Quickly and effectively install Counteract Balancing Beads via the valve stem with the airless injection bottle. For trailer applications in which the tire is already installed. Perfect for DIY.

Installation Instructions
1) Remove the valve core from the valve stem allowing all air to drain from the tire.
2) Pour the appropriate amount of Counteract into the injection bottle.
3) Attach the injection hose to the airless injection bottle.
4) Pour 2” of beads into the hose at a time and lower the bottle.
5) Continuously squeeze bottle until tube is clear, continue until all beads are out of bottle.
6) Install valve core, air up tire to recommended PSI and install Counteract identification valve cap.

TPMS – Tire Pressure Monitoring System
TPS – Tire Pressure System
Counteract Balancing Beads are compatible with all types of TPMS systems on the market today. They will not harm or cause a TPMS system to fail or become damaged.

Stem-Style TMPS Sensors: OEM Stem-Style sensors attach to &/or are part of the valve stem and sit inside the tire. We do not recommend injecting Counteract through the valve stem with these sensors. You must install the
product while the tire is being mounted, or simply break the tire bead and insert the product into the tire.

With Aftermarket Valve Cap Style TPMS, you can inject Counteract via the valve stem. Simply remove the TPMS cap, valve core, and continue the injection process.
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