Bulldog 25K Square Adjustable Gooseneck Coupler HBQ2516ADJ

Price: $426.60

Bulldog 2 5/16 Adjustable Square Tube Gooseneck Coupler - 25,000lb Capacity

You won't find a coupler that's faster or easier to use than the Bulldog square gooseeneck from Cequent Performance Products. Its user-friendly design makes hookup and release swift and secure.

  • Easy-grip locking handle is accessible from any position
  • Self-centering locking plate lets you miss the ball by more than an inch
  • Tight ball fit reduces jarring when changing speeds or on rough roads
  • Heavy-duty high-strength fabricated steel components are as strong as heavy cast iron but lighter and less brittle
  • User-friendly design enables quick, easy hookup and release
  • Locking handle cover protects working parts
  • Cam locking pin affords easy vertical adjustment
  • Pinch bolt design

• 2 5/16" Ball
• 32" Retracted height
• 8" Range of adjustment
• 4 1/2"Outside tube diameter
• 4" Inner tube diameter
• 3/4" Pin hole diameter
• 25,000lb Capacity
• Limited 5-year warranty

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