Convert-A-Ball 5th Wheel to Gooseneck Adjstable Adapter 20K C5G1216

SKU: C5G1216
Price: $746.96
This adapter allows you to hook up your fifth wheel trailer to a gooseneck ball without the need for a bulky fifth wheel hitch in your truck. The adapter has a 20,000lb capacity. It's fail-safe kingpin adapter will keep you worry free. It accomodations for a padlock that secures the latching mechanism. The adapter includes the safety chains. The adapter is adjustable in height from 12"-16" for the perfect fit. This adapter is straight, and works in most long bed trucks. If more clearance is needed the C5GX1216 offset model is available. The adapter is also cushioned for a smoother towing experience.

• 20,000lb Capacity
• Adjustable from 12"-16"
• Cushioned
• Includes safety chains
• Secure latching mechanism with padlock hole
• Fits most long bed trucks(Offset model C5GX1216 also available)
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