Kinedyne 4in Sliding Winch 3820

SKU: 3820
Price: $75.23

Kinedyne knows that you want a sliding winch that can keep a secure grip on your cargo even when your trailer hits an unexpected pothole or when you're forced to slam on the brakes. With a working load limit of 5,500 Lbs. / 2,500 Kgs., Kinedyne's Standard Sliding C Channel Winch is engineered to provide you with optimal security when you tie down your load, offering you peace of mind knowing your cargo isn't going anywhere when those potholes strike.

Kinedyne's electro coat painted heat-treated carbon steel Standard Sliding C Channel Winch smoothly slides in either direction on one of our Winch Tracks, but once tension is applied to the winch straps, this winch locks firmly into place and remains stationary even when up against the harsh demands of the road. No matter where you place this winch along its track, it will always provide you with a secure tie down point for your cargo. To make it even easier for you, this winch has Kinedyne's "Thumb Pawl" thumb saver, which is an extension that allows better access to the lock that holds the sprocket in place, offering faster tightening or loosening of the winch.

All of Kinedyne's winches are stamped with the country of origin, working load limit, and manufacture date in accordance with North American Regulations. We've engineered our winches to comply with WSTDA, Canadian 905, North American Cargo Securement, CHP standards, and DOT regulations. Never load a winch in excess of its working load limit.

• Working Load Limit: 5,500 Lbs. / 2,500 Kgs.
• Height: 5.98 Inches
• Width: 3.94 Inches
• Length: 7.66 Inches
• Weight: 9.2 Lbs. / 4.2 Kgs.
• Storage Capacity (Webbing Length): 30 Feet Approximately

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