Kinedyne 35in Rubber Tarp Strap 3136

SKU: 3136
Price: $5.43
Kinedyne's Natural Rubber Tarp Tie gives you 31 inches of reliable and versatile securement for your tarp cover on your trucks and trailers. Using Kinedyne's Tarp Tie is incredibly easy. After covering your important cargo with nearly any kind of tarp on your truck or trailer, hook our crimped zinc plated "S" Hooks into the D-rings on your tarp. Wrap the Tarp Tie over and around parts of your tarp-covered load. Finally, hook the other end of the tempered steel "S" hook to another D-ring for a secure tie down. If the S Hooks aren't the right shape, they have enough ductility that they can be formed to however you want them, giving you the kind of versatility you need for this securement job.

• Width: 3/4 Inch
• Length of Actual Tarp Tie: 31 Inches
• Length of Tarp Tie with S Hooks: 35 Inches
• Maximum Safe Stretch Length: 47 Inches
• Height: 1/4 Inch
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