Kinedyne 25in Rubber Tarp Strap 2025

SKU: 2025
Price: $4.05
In the cargo control industry, tarps are necessary for keeping your load covered and protected. Tarp Ties are necessary in making sure that your load stays covered and protected with its tarp. Kinedyne's 21-inch Natural Rubber Tarp Tie is your most reliable option for keeping your tarp covering your load.

Kinedyne has built their Tarp Tie to last with high-quality natural rubber that can withstand some of the harshest and coldest weather conditions. Despite the amount of stretching and shrinking this Rubber Tie endures, it offers good stretch recovery while maintaining its strength throughout its entire lifespan. The Tarp Tie comes standard with reinforced ends and with crimped S Hooks made with tempered steel that still have enough ductility that they can be molded as needed.

• Width: 3/4 Inch
• Length of Actual Tarp Tie: 21 Inches
• Length of Tarp Tie with S Hooks: 25 Inches
• Maximum Safe Stretch Length: 32 Inches
• Height: 1/4 Inch
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