Kinedyne 4in Bolt-On Winch 1820P2

SKU: 1820P2
Price: $84.95
At Kinedyne, they know that sometimes you need a mobile, transportable winch for your cargo securement jobs. That is why they're offering our Standard Portable Winch with 2 Set Screws, which allows flexibility of winch placement along your trailer, truck, or other vehicle's side channel.

This reliable and sturdy heat-treated carbon steel Standard Portable Winch with a working load limit of 5,500 Lbs. / 2,500 Kgs. is equipped with two set screws. These screws are used to easily remove and relocate the winch to whatever spot on your vehicle where you need a strong anchor point to secure your cargo tie downs. To make the tie down job even easier, this winch is equipped with a thumb pawl extension that makes it more comfortable to open or close the sprocket.

For convenience, this winch can store up to approximately 20 feet of our durable and industrial strength Winch Straps. Add one of Kinedyne's sturdy Winch Bars to this combination, and you'll have a full tie down assembly that will secure your load every time.

All of Kinedyne's winches are designed in accordance to WSTDA, CHP, Canadian 905, North American Cargo Securement standards, and DOT regulations. Stamped on the frame are the winch's country of origin, manufactured date, and the working load limit. Remember, when tightening or loosening winches, always maintain a firm grip on the winch bar.

• Working Load Limit: 5,500 Lbs. / 2,500 Kgs.
• Height: 5.51 Inches
• Width: 3.54 Inches
• Length: 7.68 Inches
• Weight: 9.4 Lbs. / 4.3 Kgs.
• Storage Capacity (Webbing Length): 20 Feet Approximately
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