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Dexstar 16 x 6 4.75 Pilot Dual Wheel 865 17-279

SKU: 17-279
Price: $124.79
Replacement steel wheel for dual wheel applications(axles with 2 wheels per side). 

• Fits axles that have a 4.75 pilot(the wheel is supported by the hub)
• 16" x 6" 
• Grey dual
• E-coat primer with powder coat finish
• 8 on 6.5" bolt pattern
• 3100lb weight capacity at 110psi
• Center cap not included
• Fits 5/8" studs
• 5.50" Out offset
• Pilot diameter is 4.75"
• Meets DOT specifications
• USA Made
• Not required to be balanced  **When balancing the wheel must be mounted using the stud holes in the wheel not the pilot hole

To determine the bolt circle on hubs or wheels with an even number of studs, measure center-to-center of studs directly across from each other on the diameter(bolt patterns are always measured in inches). Example: 8 on 6 1/2 would mean 8 studs with 6 1/2” center-to-center diameter.

To Determine Wheel Offset: Offset is the distance between the mounting face of the hub and the centerline of the rim. Inset: Refers to the distance when the mounting face is outboard of the rim centerline. Outset: Refers to the distance when the mounting face is inboard of the rim centerline. Please use the picture above. We are here to help if you have any questions.
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