Kinedyne 19in Rubber Tarp Strap 1520

SKU: 1520
Price: $3.75
Kinedyne's 15-inch Natural Rubber Tarp Tie is easy to maneuver and offers good stretch recovery when you use it to secure the tarp covers for your trucks and trailers. The crimped tempered steel S Hooks are engineered to be strong enough to keep their grip while versatile enough to be molded and shaped to how you want them.

Natural rubber doesn't freeze, crack, or split as easily as other materials in lower temperatures, making it the ideal option to use to secure your tarps in cold climates or icy winter months. Kinedyne's Tarp Tie is durable enough to withstand these harsh conditions and still retain its strength over its entire lifespan.

• Width: 3/4 Inch
• Length of Actual Tarp Tie: 15 Inches
• Length of Tarp Tie with S Hooks: 19 Inches
• Maximum Safe Stretch Length: 23 Inches
• Height: 1/4 Inch
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