RAM 12K Front Pin Spring Loaded Sidewind Dropleg Jack 12.5in Lift TJD12000SPF

Price: $191.75
Ram Spring Loaded Drop Leg Jack W/Front Pin - 12,000lb Capacity

Jack is ideal for use with ag, industrial, commercial, and many other types of trailers that have a need for heavy lifting.  All 12k models comes standard with a black painted outer tube and inner tube. Comes with grease zerk already pressed in for easy greasing of the jack.  Uses brass bushing for easier cranking and reduced wear on jack.  Designed for welding to frame of the trailer. The following jack comes with handle and handle clip and is for weld-on applications.

• Weld-on
• Sidewind
• Set pin for drop leg comes out the front
• Sand foot attached
• Spring loaded return foot
• 12 1/2" Lift
• Black primer
• 12,000lb Static Capacity
• 10,000lb Lifting Capacity
• Handle and clip included

(A) Retracted=28.5"
(B) Extended=54"
(C) Dropleg=13"

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