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Brakebuddy Stealth 39530

SKU: 39530
Price: $1,352.00
BrakeBuddy Stealth Out-of-Sight Towed Vehicle Braking. The ultimate set it and forget it towed vehicle braking system. Easy to set up: just plug in the adapter while hooking up your tow bar. That's it! The easy-grip connector includes Nite-Glow to verify the electrical continuity. The Stealth remote senses the inertia of a braking event and sends a signal to the BRAKEbuddy located in the towed vehicle. When this signal is received, the BRAKEbuddy activates pulling the towed vehicle brake pedal, thus applying the brakes. After the braking event, the vacuum pump restores the vacuum system in the towed vehicle. This ensures 100 percent braking performance all the time! The all-in-one break-away adapter provides a clean installation; no large 6-round on the front of the towed vehicle, thanks to the 7-flat adapter. The battery maintainer and disconnect kit means no more worries about the braking system draining your car battery. Industry's first dual controller: Stealth is the only remote on the market that works for anything you tow. Doubles as a proportional trailer brake controller. The 3-year manufacturer warranty is the best in the industry. 

Just Plug and Go! Makes set up breeze! Just plug in the ALL-IN-ONE adapter when you hitch up and you are on your way.
• A braking system so advanced it applies the brakes to either a towed vehicle or trailer….no other braking system has this option
• “On-the-fly” sensitivity adjustment from the comfort of the motorhome
• Test Button to verify braking performance

• Mounts completely out of sight under seat or in trunk
• Removes the entire weight of towed vehicle from motorhome, 100% of the time
• Works on all vehicles, including hybrids

ALL-IN-ONE Adapter

• Plug-N-Go set up
• Low Profile fit on the tow vehicle
• Built-in break-away, battery maintainer and fuse bypass
• Compatible with optional towed vehicle wiring kits to illuminate tail, brake and turn signal lights
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