Kinedyne 1in x 15ft Ratchet Strap w/J-Hook 75152

SKU: 75152
Price: $53.13

Looking for a cost-effective tie down tool to use for your everyday cargo hauling that isn't large enough to need your standard sized Ratchet Straps? That's where Kinedyne's 1-inch x 15-foot Vinyl Coated S Hook Ratchet Utility Strap comes in. Their Vinyl Coated S Hook Ratchet Strap combines durable hardware with strong webbing to give you an effective tie down that is ideal for securing appliances and small vehicles to your trailer or truck or other types of vehicle.

Under Kinedyne's direct quality control, they've manufactured their Kinedyne 1000E webbing with a tight polyester weave for better durability. This webbing offers little stretch and is flexible enough to tightly secure multiple types of loads with all sorts of shapes and sizes. Designed to handle the smaller loads, their webbing keeps your cargo secure in a vise-like grip.

They've engineered their heat-treated carbon steel Kinedyne 800 Ratchet with reliability in mind. Once it's used to tighten our webbing down unto your cargo, this impressive piece of hardware will not loosen even when challenged by the vibrations of the road. This unshakable grip also extends to the Kinedyne 1101 S Hook that's Vinyl Coated for added protection.

All Kinedyne Utility Straps come standard labeled with a tag that states the Kinedyne name and logo and the working load limit in pounds and kilograms in accordance to CHP, CVSA, DOT regulations, WSTDA, and North American Cargo Securement standards.

• Working Load Limit: 500 Lbs. / 230 Kgs.
• Width: 1 Inch
• Length: 15 Feet
• Weight: 1.8 Lbs. / 0.82 Kgs.
• Webbing: Kinedyne 1000E Webbing
• Fixed End Length: 18 Inches
• Type of Tension Device: Kinedyne 800 Ratchet
• End Fitting: Kinedyne 1101 Vinyl Coated "S" Hook

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