Kinedyne Corner Protector For 2-4in Straps 37025

SKU: 37025
Price: $3.71
Straps are some of the most important components in cargo securement. Therefore, it's necessary to keep them as protected as possible. To help preserve such an important tool, Kinedyne has engineered a Plastic Corner Protector with a slot that's designed to fit your 2", 3," and/or 4" straps to help extend the lifespan of the strap.

When transporting rough material, constant movement from the road may cause the straps to rub against it, which can cause cuts and frays, weakening the straps and making them no longer usable. This lightweight Corner Protector distributes the strap's tension over its length to prevent the strap from crushing your cargo while also protecting the straps from abrasion. The Protector takes on the brunt of the strap's force, preventing the strap from damaging your load.

Take good care of your straps with our Plastic Corner Protector, and in turn, they'll take good care of your cargo.

• Length: 5.4 Inches
• Top (Protecting the Side of Cargo): 3.75 Inches
• Drop (Protecting the Side of Cargo): 3.75 Inches
• Weight: 0.23 Lbs. / 0.10 Kgs.
• For Use with Webbing: Yes
• Maximum Width of Webbing: 4 Inches
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