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Laclede Safety Chain 5K W/2 7/16in S-Hooks 48in Long SC1448

SKU: SC1448
Price: $15.92
Laclede safety chains are quality where it count. In the event that the trailer were to come disconnected from the vehicle, the safety chain prevent a runaway trailer. The safety chain(s) that connect your trailer to your vehicle need to have a combined minimum breaking strength equal to or greater than the weight of the fully loaded trailer. The chains are electro galvanized to resist corrosion. These chains are 48" long with one 7/16" S-hook at both ends. It is 1/4" chain with a minimum breaking strength of 5,000lbs.(Class III)

• 1/4" Diameter
• 5,000lb Capacity
• 48" Long
• 2 7/16" S-hooks

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