Hopkins Endurance OE to 7,5, & 4 Way Plugs 40999

SKU: 40999
Price: $34.35
Incorporating Endurance design features enables this connector to last for years of trouble-free use. The Multi-Tow® provides multiple towing options from one connector eliminating the need for adapters. The Endurance provides sockets for towing 7 way RV Blade, 5 flat, and 4 Flat trailers. Plug-In Simple!® No cutting or splicing required. Utilizes OEM connectors create an exact fit and maximum weatherproofing. Applies to over 30 different vehicle applications equipped with a factory tow package. Impact and corrosion resistant.

• Incorporates 7 way RV, 5 flat, and 4 flat vehicle end connectors
• Uses the OEM connector to connect to the tow vehicle
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