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Curt Weight Distribution Sway Control Kit 17200

SKU: 17200
Price: $127.84
Includes sway control unit and installation hardwareHelps limit lateral trailer movement to reduce sway
Fits most weight distribution hitches or a sway tab mount #45820
Included weld-on sway tab allows for use with most ball mounts
Spacer plate ensures proper alignment of trailer ball attachment
Features adjustment bolt to accommodate different load sizes
On / off handle makes it easy to engage or disengage sway control as needed
Two sway control units recommended for larger trailers
Compatible with most A-frame trailers (some drilling required)

Note: Includes sway control unit, trailer-mounted attachment ball & bolt, hitch-mounted attachment ball #40093, weld-on tab to adapt for left-hand use or for use without weight distribution hitch, mount reinforcement plate and attachment clips
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