SAF-Holland USA 20K Dualpin Spring Loaded Sidewind Dropleg Jack 12in Lift LGD700-21SL

SKU: LGD700-21SL
Price: $438.98
SAF-Holland 20,000lb Sidewind Dual Pin Spring Loaded Drop Leg Jack 

The DUALPIN Series offers greater dropleg stability than single pin models. Its patented quick-release handle makes operation fast, simple and safer, keeping hands away from the load.  All jacks feature high-strength steel tubing and robust pull handles for durable operation. Foot styles include a welded large, durable, square steel foot.  A sealed top cover is used to resist water and contaminant infiltration.  All temperature grease, rated to -65°F provides easy operation in all weather conditions.  The BLACK ARMOUR™ metal protection process, unlike a primer, paint or powder coating, chemically bonds with metal to form a protective skin that is impervious to water and anti-icing chemicals. BLACK ARMOUR™ is top coat compatible without pre-sanding.

• Static Load Capacity of 20,000lbs
• Lift Capacity of 12,500lbs
• Spring loaded
• Lift Travel of 12"
• Handle not included
• Outer tube of 4-3/8"

(A) Retracted=24.3"
(B) Extended=50.3"
(C) Dropleg=14"

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