Magnum Lift Electric Jack Motor For 2-Speed Bulldog & Holland Jacks LEGB-2

Price: $923.63
The Magnum electric lift for manual 2-speed jack is an easy upgrade, designed to convert your two-speed manual jack into a power jack capable of lifting up to 6,500 lbs. of jack weight at 7" per minute. It comes standard, with a manual crank backup shaft in case of battery failure. Hook and unhook with ease. This lift will work with single or dual landing gear, and can mount on either side of the jack leg. The Magnum electric lift motor is 9-1/2" wide, and installs with basic hand tools. 2-Year complete warranty.

Also available is a single speed motor. The Magnum single speed electric lift will easily convert your manual single speed jack into a power lift. Simply bolt the electric motor and gear box to your existing manual jack. The Magnum single speed electric lift comes complete with everything you need for easy installation. The motor has a built in manual crank override in case of battery failure. The Magnum single speed electric lift takes the strain out of cranking your trailer with a convenient raise/lower trailer switch.

• Works with 2 speed jacks
• Can lift 6,500lbs of jack weight
• 7" per minute
• Manual crank backup in case of battery failure 
• Installs with basic hand tools
• 2 year complete warranty
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