Kinedyne 14in Rubber Tarp Strap 914

SKU: 914
Price: $3.35

Now that your invaluable cargo is tied down securely, it's time to take that extra protective step. When you use Kinedyne's 9-inch Natural Rubber Tarp Tie to hold down the tarp covers that are protecting the load on your truck or trailer, you'll experience the optimal durable versatility that Kinedyne is known for.

They've designed their Tarp Tie to offer you a good stretch recovery while maintaining the same strength no matter how many times they're used. The crimped zinc plated S Hooks that come standard with this Tarp Tie are made with tempered steel but retain enough flexibility that you can form them into whatever shape you need. Kinedyne's Tarp Ties come fully assembled and are packaged with 50 per box.

• Width: 3/4 Inch
• Length of Actual Tarp Tie: 9 Inches
• Length of Tarp Tie with S Hooks: 12.5 Inches
• Maximum Safe Stretch Length: 16.5 Inches
• Height: 1/4 Inch

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